Let’s begin the journey to GSoC 2021

Hi everyone. I am a junior student from China. It’s really nice to meet you at Medium. If there is hope, I look forward to becoming a member of GSoC 2021·CCExtractor and conducting in-depth research and development on Textract for the Poor Man Textract!

In fact, I have put in a lot of effort for him recently, spending 5h-12h almost every day. But I don’t feel tired at all and spend it happily. Because I think the project has very wide application value.

During this time, I met my mentor Pulkit Mishra and maintained good communication. Before that, We are totally strangers from different countries and different time zones. Just because open-source projects act as a bridge, Pulkit and I communicate on Slack every day. He guided and evaluated my proposal. This is a magical and meaningful thing. I am very grateful to him and hope to get more guidance and learn some of his outstanding qualities and professional skills in the summer:)

If I can be selected for GSoC 2021, I will continue to update the progress of each stage of PMT here. Spread and expand the influence of PMT and CCExtractor to all parts of the world. We will confirm the growth and changes of PMT together!



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